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premade book covers


Hi there.I'm Elaine, a Singaporean digital illustrator with a huge love for nature, fantasy and animals. I've been creating digital art since 2013, starting out with a focus on photomanipulation, then later on in book cover design. I had only ever touched on digital painting here and there, never taking it as seriously as photomanipulation — until the year 2020, when I made a permanent switch. I feel happier and more alive creating paintings than photomanipulated artworks. Digital painting gives me the freedom to create more than photomanipulation could ever have, and I'm eager to find out where this will take me.In my art, you might find a few repeating characters. I have Tintalle, my esk from the arpg Those Who Went Missing. I also have Idhril, my bosprit, a closed species by Karijinni. You might see an icy wolf with a snowy owl too. They're Yra and Gwen, two characters I used to play on Sordid Secrets, and am now bringing to life again through art.I'm most active on Instagram and Tumblr. Subscribe to my newsletter, In Blues and Greens, on Substack.Tools I use: Clip Studio Paint, Wacom Intuos Pro